Khao Sok Local Guides:Wilderness First Aid Training

Khao Sok Lake First Aid TrainingHere at Khao Sok Lake, we put aside 20% of all profit for reinvestment in the community and in our team.  We have contributed to scholarships for local children, conducted environmental education days for village schools, helped fund community cultural centers, and most recently provided advanced Wilderness First Aid Training for our guides.  This training was kindly hosted by Our Jungle House.

Khao Sok Lake Wilderness First Aid TrainingInjuries to our guests are very rare.  However, ensuring that our guides are up to date and equipped with the best knowledge and training is incredibly important.  Guides receive CPR training as a part of getting their license, but this training does not involve first aid specifically for remote areas like those found in Khao Sok.  We refreshed guides on old knowledge and built from that with this training.

This most recent training was taught by Daisuke Kondo, a certified SOLO First Aid trainer.  The Wilderness First Aid course provided guides with new, in-depth techniques for rescue breathing, palpating different wound types, splinting, and monitoring patients.

Wilderness first aid gives guides a systematic framework for assessing patients, properly prioritizing multiple injuries and documenting information for receiving medical staff at local hospitals.  Accidents in the park are rare, but this gives guides the confidence to act in a situation where a medical emergency occurs.

In addition, the course materials have been translated into Thai.  This will ensure that our guides will be able to access this information via mobile phone at any time for reference.

“Getting regular training like this helps remind us what we’ve learned already while learning new techniques,” said Rung “Gai” Saelin, one of the veteran local guides who attended the training.  It also gives guests the peace of mind that they have an experienced guide and staff on their trip.  “This way we can all enjoy the jungle without worry.”