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Laguna Raft House sits in a private alcove on Klong Long, easily the lake’s most popular destination, with the largest number of visitors and raft houses.  This is the closest bay from the pier, meaning it takes only about 45 minutes to reach the raft house by longtail boat.  Another factor that contributes to its popularity are the towering limestone cliffs on either side of the bay. It is close by to the Klong Ka Wilderness trail and releatively close to the Coral Cave which makes it an excellent choice for a 1 or 2 night stay.


Rooms can accommodate up to 3 people making it a great place for families or larger groups traveling together.  This os the rafthouse most commonly used for our Superior Group tour and is a great balance between amenities and budget. Modern and clean, it is a popular destination for both locals and foreigners alike. The rooms feature private bathrooms and AC available from 19:00 to 9:00

    24 Hour Swimming Area
    Air Conditioning
    Complimentary Kayak
    Diving Platform
    Electricity 18:00-9:00
    Electricity 6 pm - 11 pm
    Fishing Poles
    Hot Showers
    Meals Included
    Mobile Service
    Mosquito Nets
    Nearby Hike to Viewpoint
    Private bathrooms
    Shared bathrooms
    Snack Shop
    Towel Service
    No offers available
    Nestled in a private alcove, Chiew Lan Raft House is one of the lake's most popular destinations. Rustic yet charming and close to the coral cave, it is a popular destination for both locals and foreigners alike.