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Khao Sok Lake offers these 2 Day or 3 Day tours:

These 2 Day or 3 Day tours are designed for guests seeking modern conveniences like elevated beds, even walkways and upgraded outdoor amenities for a budget price. Experience the lake in comfort from the back of your own private longtail boat with your own private guide.

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On this tour you will:

• Sleep in your private Modern Floating Bungalows

• Eat delicious local southern Thai cuisine (all-inclusive)

• Relax at your Modern Floating Bungalows, swimming and kayaking

• Do Ancient Jungle Hiking, Wildlife Spotting Safaris and Cave Exploration (seasonal)

The Modern Comforts Tour is right for you if you want to:

• Desire to experience the lakes’ spectacular views from the comfort of a sleeker modern raft house without the kind of frills that increase the price tag.

• Are more comfortable with standardized features such as, easier ladder access to the water, even walkways and guardrails

• Shared bathrooms are located with easy access, but private en suite bathrooms can be added for an extra fee

Getting here

A taxi is the best (and often only) way to arrive hereby 10:15 am.

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Don’t be surprised if you make some new friends, especially on the weekends!

Modern raft houses are great for families or those looking for a relaxing visit to Khao Sok Lake with more comfort. These more conveniently located floating bungalows are only about 45 minutes from the pier by boat, with more orderly walkways and rooms built of wood or concrete.

Some raft houses offer the options of fans and private bathrooms for an extra 400 baht per person. These bungalows have beautiful cliffs surrounding them as they are in the more narrow valleys of Klong Long.

Due to growing interest from Bangkokians, these places certainly aren’t a secret anymore, but its popularity has done little to take away from the majestic surroundings of Cheow Lan Lake.

    24 Hour Swimming Area
    Air Conditioning
    Complimentary Kayak
    Diving Platform
    Electricity 18:00-9:00
    Electricity 6 pm - 11 pm
    Fishing Poles
    Hot Showers
    Meals Included
    Mobile Service
    Mosquito Nets
    Nearby Hike to Viewpoint
    Private bathrooms
    Shared bathrooms
    Snack Shop
    Towel Service
    No offers available
    Our private Khao Sok Lake Modern Comforts tour offers amazing jungle surroundings in the finest rooms Cheow Lan Lake has to offer