Cheow Lan Village Activities

One of the most exciting parts of our work as a local Tour Operator is finding exciting new activities
in the area to share with our guests. This week we piloted a hike in Ban Cheow Lan, the local village at Khao Sok Lake. It was truly amazing to see what locals have to offer. This local tourism group has Viewpoint Hiking, Cave Explorationand Home stay Activities which we will be adding to our schedule next season.
Community tours begin in Cheow Lan Village, where you’ll meet your hosts and ride on 3-wheeled motorcycles with sidecars to the local temple and the rustic cable bridge, overlooking the Phrasaeng River.  Once you cross the bridge, you’ll be taken through mixed-agriculture orchards to your hiking destination.


  • The half-day hike is an intermediate three hour hike that begins in a lime orchard and proceeds up a hill with a stop at a small cave and a viewpoint over the river, a lovely spot to stop and picnic.  Be advised that though this trail is generally easy, but there are a few places where you’ll need to use the wooden railings provided to ensure your safety
  • The full-day hike visits a bat cave, some very large trees, a 51-meter vertical cave, and several viewpoints depending on the duration of the hike, which can last between 5 to 7 hours.  Full-day trips include a coffee/lunch break underneath a natural rock overhang.  Be aware that the trail here has not yet been fully cleared, and there are several narrow parts, some of which are thorny and several of which are slippery and muddy when wet.  This trail is quite adventurous and requires good physical fitness.  Long pants are recommended as well to protect from thorns and mosquitoes.

Fruit Orchards 

There are enough aspects to mixed agriculture farming that one could spend a half-day or more just touring the farms.  Depending on the season, one can find longong, durian, limes, jackfruit, mangosteen, papaya, banana, rambutan, and several lesser-known local fruits produced by these families, along with rubber.  Walks through the orchards will include lots of tasting and some insights into how community-driven mixed agriculture farms work.

What to Bring:


For the hikes, make sure to bring sturdy shoes.  Make sure to bring a poncho and sunscreen depending on the weather, as well as plenty of water.