Khao Sok Lake Superior Floating Bungalows

Khao Sok Lake Superior Floating Bungalows

Khao Sok Lake Superior Floating Bungalows are for the traveller who wants to “get away from it all” but still enjoy some of the creature comforts. There are 3 Superior Floating Bungalows on the lake. They all have well-appointed interiors, private bathrooms, and even air conditioning in some cases. If you are traveling in the rainy season, and the weather makes it difficult to go hiking or on safari. In this case, you might enjoy the comfort of one of the Superior Floating Bungalows. Keeree Tara, Prai Wan, and Phupa Waree are all excellent choices for the “deluxe on a budget” traveler.

Phupa Waree Deluxe Floating Bungalows Luxury on the lake Khao Sok     * All prices subject to 7% VAT tax

DISCLAIMER: All bookings are subject to availability. Conditions on Khao Sok Lake vary from week to week. Based in a commitment to quality, Khao Sok Lake® does not guarantee a specific raft house, but we will always place you in one of equal or greater quality.