Khao Sok Lake Adventure Tours

Below is a list of different activities that can be done at Khao Sok Lake while visiting with us.  Certain activities like the morning mist boat ride can be done anywhere on the lake, whereas certain trails are only accessible if you’re staying in the same part of the lake.

Morning Mist Safari


One of our most popular Khao Sok Lake Tours is undoubtedly the Morning Mist Safari. You’ll rise with the sun before breakfast and hop aboard a guided longtail boat for a chance to see the “locals” beginning their daily routine. Gibbons sing their morning song, Macaques feed their young with fresh bananas, even Dusty Langurs catch a bite of breakfast. Add to that the chance to see the Great Hornbill building it’s nest, or the rare Grey-Headed Fish Eagle swooping in, and you’ll begin to understand why getting up early in Khao Sok has it’s advantages!

Coral Cave Tour


On this exciting excursion, a longtail boat drops you and your guide at the northern tip of Klong Long where the Coral Cave trail begins. After a scenic and simple 45-minute hike through the forest you’ll arrive at a private inner lake known as 500 Rai. From here, a Khao Sok National Park ranger will ferry you (via bamboo raft) to the spectacular 10,000 year-old Coral Cave. Once inside, you’ll wonder at authentic ancient rock formations and immerse yourself in the cavernous interior while your informative guide explains the local geology, pointing out favorite formations. Exploring the Coral Cave is a great family activity and a favorite for children of all ages!

Nam Talu Cave Tour


Take a vigorous trek through the jungle on the breathtaking Nam Talu Cave trail which criss-crosses the river and winds deep into the interior of Khao Sok National Park. Along the way your guide will explain the unique history of the region and it’s cultural significance, pointing out such magnificent creatures as; Jurassic insects, butterflies and rare birds. Next you’ll strap on your headlamps and prepare to get wet, as the hike extends through the “water cave” (dry season only) and soon becomes a dark wonderland. This is an excellent time to view the many nocturnal species that inhabit this cave (from a safe distance of course) and cool yourself in the river as you explore.

Wild Elephant Khao Sok Lake


On the scenic Klong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary Tour (also via longtail boat) it is quite possible to see wild elephants, sambar deer, the highly endangered tapir and even gaur (Asian bison).

** Please note that this unique tour requires the supervision of a Khao Sok National Park ranger and carries a surcharge for gas if it’s not already included in your trip.



The remote waters of Klong Saeng and Klong Morn are ideal for fishing. On our popular Wildlife Fishing Tour, a local guide will take you to the best spots on the lake and advise you which is the best kind of bait for the season. Relax along the stunning water as you anticipate the chance to catch: jungle perch, mahseer, river catfish and three types of snakehead fish!

Insider’s Tip:The best times to fish in Khao Sok Lake are at dusk and dawn, so be ready to get up early! ** We provide fishing poles for a small rental fee of 400 baht. **



Jungle Trekking (also known as hiking) involves exploring one the many trails of Khao Sok Lake, including the dramatic valleys and ridges of the jungle. Each region (or “Klong”) has different scenery to offer and it is our pleasure to allow our guides to share their local knowledge with you. Every area of Khao Sok Lake has it’s own unique trails, so have a look at our Klong page to see where you might like to explore.

From majestic waterfall and sublimely scenic viewpoints to sensational savannahs and mind-blowing mountains, Khao Sok Lake® has it all. Make sure to ask us about our exciting Overnight Jungle Trek!



This cave has spectacular stalagtite formations and a private alcove for disembarking. It is one of Khao Sok Lake’s many beautiful caves, and located convieniently close to  Klong Ka and Klong Long. If you want to see a cave, but aren’t interested in hiking through the jungle for hours, this may be the place for you. Families and larger groups alike enjoy the serenity of this location. Many prefer to take a pack lunch during the rainy season and eat in the protection of this enourmous cave entrance…just ask your guide!

Guilin Viewpoint

This is one of the lake’s most scenic spots because of it’s breathtaking Limestone cliffs or “karsts” as they are called by geologists. The locals call them the “3 brothers” so named because they are said to hold the spirits of 3 brothers who were competing for the love of the same princess. Take a minute, take a photo, or even take a swim right off the boat! The deep waters are a cool respite to the heat of southern Thailand, and a once in a lifetime opportunity!


Viewpoint Hike

Lake Cheow Lan is over 762 square kilometers and on a clear day one can see all the way to Ranong. This vigorous Hike to the top of one of Khao Sok Lake’s tallest peaks offers our guests a birds eye view of this breathtaking location. Stop along the way to spot birds, local insects, and even the tracks of some of Tapirs and Gaur. Bring your hiking shoes and your camera as this is a photo opportunity not to be missed!