Sustainable Tourism

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“Community-Based-Development facilitates Sustainable Tourism”

Sustainable Tourism – We respect to the local villagers and are dedicated to practicing and empowering community-based tourism. We create a solid foundation for the local community and family-run businesses to directly-benefit from this the influx of ethical tourism. Everyday our work continues to find new ways to balance local livelihoods with community-based tourism and the results are awesome.

Sustainable Tourism, Community-Based Tourism and Ethical Tourism simply mean: tourism which benefits people and the environment in different destinations.

Local Thai Kid Sustainable Tourism at Khao Sok LakeKhao Sok Community Empowerment

We opened Khao Sok Lake®, in Ta Kuhn at Lake Cheow Lan because it has yet to be discovered by the hand of “mass tourism.” By incorporating the responsibility we have to the people of Thailand with the ecological purity of the Khao Sok National Park, Khao Sok Lake is able to share this unique wonder of the world with you.

As a leader in community empowerment, we continue to work hard to develop a system that will allow the community to sustain itself. With great respect for the natural systems (both human and natural), we do our best to treat them respectfully so they can be enjoyed for future generations to come. It is our mission to keep the power of growth and sustainable development in the hands of the locals and out of the temptation of corporate expansion. By traveling with Khao Sok Lake, you can rest assured that you are contributing to the sustainable and responsible development of local resources and family-run businesses.

This means:

• Connecting small, family-run businesses with tourists that are appreciative and respectful

• Hiring local guides and service providers to keep the local economy strong

• Assisting local business with marketing and outreach, often for no direct financial benefit

• Charging fair prices with minimal mark-up so that most of the money you spend stays in the community where it belongs

• Participating in local green initiatives that contribute to the long term benefit of our surroundings

• Making sure our guests have access to as much information as possible so they can make an informed decision about their holiday

Community-Based Tourism & Khao Sok Lake 

Dotted with small family-run hotels and bungalows operated by the Khao Sok National Park, visiting Khao Sok Lake gives travelers the chance to experience a remote and undeveloped wilderness without contributing to over development. We do this by keeping our tour groups small and well informed. Raising awareness about this vital area in Thailand and abroad helps the locals feel supported in respecting and caring for their home. By supporting the establishments in the region, hiring local guides and partaking of delicious traditional cuisine, you are helping to support a sustainable business model.

Every traveler that takes a walk in the jungle, a kayak down the river, or swim in the spectacular Khao Sok Lake (as opposed to shopping in Phuket or Pattaya) sends a clear message to the developing world that places like Khao Sok should be appreciated and preserved.

Floating Bungalows Klong Ka Rafthouse Sustainable Tourism at Khao Sok Lake

Ethical, sustainable and responsible tourism are non-intrusive, which is why we feel that this lush and abundant locally-operated hideaway is just the kind of region that can benefit from our experience in community-based tourism. Khao Sok Lake aims to keep these traditional locally-based businesses strong by helping them achieve more financial autonomy. As the locals know, the best way to experience Khao Sok Lake is through the hospitality of traditional Southern Thailand fishing villages, and we’re connecting you directly!