Khao Sok Testimonials


Alisa & Gregor

UK May 1, 2014
Definitely memorable. In terms of improvements, the raft houses would benefit from better toilet facilities. And it would be good to have more info about different raft houses. We would come back, but like to stay in a more comfortable raft house location/set-up. We have already recommended Khao Sok and Andaman Discoveries to many friends living in Bangkok. Thank you!
You are not the first to ask for more comfortable accommodation. We are now pleased to offer deluxe floating bungalows for those who want to experience nature during the day, but relax in relative comfort at night. – Management

Gemma Barret

UK Apr 27, 2014
I’ve lived and traveled in Thailand for a long time and this is my favorite place I’ve visited. Stunning scenery, awesome boat tours, scenic raft houses, great hiking, kayaking and swimming and a friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide who became a friend to us all! We’ll definitely be going back!

Jaanika L.

Estonia Mar 20, 2014
1) hiking was fun itself, but, I was expecting a more wider view in the view point; 2) morning safari probably should start earlier to see even more. I really did not like the way back to Phuket – the driver drove like a mad man, I was scarred for my life 🙁 Please tell to Your drivers, that people from Europe are not used to narrow roads and overspeeding driving. Overall we loved the stay at Khao Sok and the tours, and wish we had more time to do more tours. Thank You!
Thank you for informing us about the driver, we do our best to hire only the most reliable of local transportation providers and can’t always be there to do quality control. Wreckless driving in Thailand is something we take very seriously and action has been taken to make sure other guests do not have similar experiences in the future. – Management

Eigil & Liv

Denmark March 11, 2014
We traveled 3 weeks in National parks in Thailand in march 2014, and the 3 days with Gai and Satid at Cheow Lan lake exceeded everything else we experienced – fantastic trip! Gai and Satid spotted animals and birds from long distance, they knew where to go and they were very patient and listened to our wishes. Often it was just great to stop the boat and wait for animals to appear or even better just listening to the sounds from birds and monkeys and enjoying the scenic surroundings, which were plentyfull! We had great nature experiences together with these two guys. The remote primitive raft house at Klong Saeng was perfectly situated far away from everybody. The sounds of Gibbons could be enjoyed while swimming in the 30 deg C warm water. If it had been possible to rent a kayak and sail around we could have spent all 3 weeks there! But we believe it is not permitted in the sanctuary – which is good! We had the opportunity to go kayaking at another raft house, and that was really great! Gliding along clifts and jungle and meeting a group of Gibbons in a tree – wow! We met only friendly staff/rangers and was served lovely thai food. This trip would not have been the same without the experience and great knowledge from the guide Gai and and boatsman Satid – thank you again both! And to Austin, who arranged it all for us 🙂

Agna K.

UK Mar 3, 2014
Being on the lakes was a fantastic experience. Beautiful scenery, very friendly service, clean bangalows and absolutely delicious food. The Andaman service was great. Austin was very organized and informative. He had a good knowledge of the surrounding area, traditions and history of the place. He was very helpful with finding us in the middle of the town where we got lost and then taking us to the port. All in all great experience

Sally & Tony W.

United Kingdom Feb 14, 2014
We just wanted to say thank you again for a brilliant trip on the lake, and for all our wonderful adventures. We had three wonderful weeks in Thailand, but the best bit for us was our time with Pu on the longtail boat, the water, wildlife, the jungle, caves and mountains. We will never forget it!

Jutta R.

Singapore Feb 6, 2014
Visiting Khao Sok Lake was the best part of our holiday! Nice lake, gorgeous scenery, lovely birds and great guide. All the resorts we’ve been to in Thailand couldn’t compete! We’ve recommended the tour to quite a few friends. Thanks for a lovely holiday.

Melissa E.

Bangkok Feb 11, 2014

I went with two friends and we did the 3 days, 2 nights private tour package. We had a brilliant time! The trip was very well organized, accommodations were great, and it was relaxing but also lots to do! We had a great guide, Pu, who had an excellent knowledge of the area – and he was really good at finding wildlife … we were lucky enough to see a wild elephant bathing in the lake.

The scenery is absolutely stunning and it was nice to be away from the crowds of tourists that usually come with such places in Thailand. AND an added bonus of no mosquitoes! (Not sure if that was just the time of year.) Great value for money, would highly recommend to anyone.


Daniela S.

Spain Jan 5, 2014
Everything went perfect! Our guide was the best one of the whole lake and we enjoyed our trip very much. I would warmly recommend the trip to Khao Sok Lake with Andaman Discoveries to everyone visiting south Thailand.

Oliver B.

Berlin Feb 6, 2014

We had a great trip! And here’s what we think of the Khao Sok part with Andaman Discoveries: We were traveling to Thailand in January and February of 2014 with our kids (6 and 2 years old) and spent 2 nights at the lake in Khao Sok with Andaman Discoveries. It was definitely a or even ‘THE’ highlight of our whole trip!

‘M’ – our guide was super nice! Also Momo – the longtail boat captain (looking a little bit like forest whitaker;-) was a lot of fun to be with! Austin set us up with a really good choice of activities – esp. with the two kids as it doesn’t make much sense to ‘hike through the jungle’ with them. So staying ‘only’ on the lake was a great choice.

The raft houses are a really unique place to stay! You have to be careful though, as the ‘walkways’ are pretty dangerous for kids. What we did not like so much was the ‘being on a longtail boat’ for hours as it is really (!) loud and kinda affects the tranquility of the whole surrounding. But, as long as there’s longtails, there’s noise;-). If we’ll have the chance to do it again, we’ll maybe try to include some hiking, because – even if you spot wild animals (we even saw an elephant!) – it’s a pretty short and distant pleasure.

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  1. We styed two nights at the Plean Prai Rafthouse. It was a big mistake because we would have remained a or two nights longer at that lovely place. The accommodation, the surrounding, even the dinner and breakfast are great.

    Wir haben zwei Nächte im Plean Prai Rafthouse verbracht. Es war ein Fehler, denn wir wären gerne noch eine oder zwei Nächte länger an diesem wunderschönen Ort geblieben. Die Zimmer, die Umgebung, sogar das Abendessen und Frühstück waren toll. Gerne wieder.

  2. After three weeks away from Cheo Lan Lake i´m still flashed about the fantastic trip (6 days 5 nights at Tam Gia Raft). Can´t wrote it how impressive all was. Scenerey, wildlife, fishing and to see how the people there stay, pretty impressive !!! Tam Gia is very basic but that was exactly what we want, no phone, no internet, just nature, perfect at all ! Thanks a lot to Nick for managing all, also Kiam and Boy for a perfect stay from the 1st to the last minute. All Transfers also perfect, yes, everything perfect !

    In German: Nachdem nun 3 Wochen seit dem Cheo Lan See Trip vergangen sind, bin ich immer noch komplett faszniert von dem was wir dort in den 6 Tagen und 5 Nächten am Tam Gia Raft erlebt haben. Das war alles so beeindruckend das man es gar nicht richtig in Worte fassen kann. Die Landschaft, die Tiere, das fischen und zu sehen wie die Einheimischen dort leben, absolut beeindruckend ! Das Tam Gia Raft verfügt über eine sehr einfache Ausstattung, aber genau das wollten wir, kein Signal, weder für Telefon noch für Internet, Strom für ein paar Stunden am Abend, dafür Natur pur, perfekt !

    Wir möchten uns bei Nick für die perfekte Organisation und bei Kiam und Boy für die perfekte Durchführung des Trips von der ersten bis zur letzten Minute größtmöglich bedanken !

    Will see you again asap !!!

  3. We stayed for 2 nights and 3 days on the Ski Chon Rafthouse in a ‘modern’ raft house. The room has the real bare essentials of a bed, fan and small bathroom area at the back, the water pressure was low but to be expected considering the surroundings. The main area to eat and drink was situated in the middle of the floating platform, and each morning you could have a simple breakfast from 8am, this was once you had been on a ‘safari boat tour’. We went on 3 safari boat tours in an attempt to see monkeys but because it was often raining due to monsoon season, the animals were shy and didn’t come out to say hi… we only saw a Komodo dragon for a split second on the river bank!
    Lunch would be at 12 pm and dinner at 5:30pm, and you really are fed extremely well, with the kind kitchen staff giving just the two of us a soup dish, omlette, curry, rice, spices, peppers and a whole fish, each and every meal!
    I must say a big thank-you to our tour guide ‘Jack’ who was very helpful and always checking if we needed anything or wanted to find out more information. He was particularly good in the visit to the Coral cave where he pointed out many animals made of coral that we might’ve missed.
    I would highly recommend coming on one of these tours, the people are so friendly and the surroundings are stunning, with limestone cliffs towering over you at any given second. If you want no internet, free kayaks and to Get back to nature, book now!

  4. My husband and I stayed in the Bamboo Bliss for 3 days 2 nights and it was one of the best parts of our vacation. Our guide Ratchapon K was AMAZING! He was funny and made us feel very comfortable. Him and our boat driver took us on many river tours in the jungle and ensured we got to see as many animals as possible including Elephants. The food was amazing and there was no shortage of it either. They make sure you are well fed. Our guide let us customize our time there and spend it as we wanted and really educated us about locals and customs, They even shared their traditional meal of spicy snails with my husband at his request. Really go above and beyond. The view is like no other! Very relaxing and fun. AN ABSOLUTE MUST TO ADD TO YOUR VACATION PLANS!

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