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In the Beginning …


Andaman Discoveries

started out as a non-profit venture in response to the Tsunami disaster in 2004. Then called, North Andaman Tsunami Relief, our focus was on rebuilding communities in an ecologically sound and environmentally sustainable way that would allow them to preserve their way of life. The gorgeous location of Lake Cheow Lan (or Khao Sok Lake as we call it) is nestled between the dramatic limestone cliffs of Southern Thailand and the sprawling setting of Khao Sok National Park. Today guests come from all areas of the world to witness the pristine peacefulness of the location while staying at the many floating bungalows that Andaman Discoveries has to offer. Constructed primarily out of local, sustainable materials, our awe-inspiring floating bungalows offers travelers the unique adventure of living at one with nature.

Sustainable Development

Instead of guest houses we built “home stay” programs. Instead of hotels, we built schools. And rather than buying fishing boats, we joined forces with the locals to help replant their native species and gardens. Working with the community, we were also able to help build an information network which allowed guide training to replace taxi driving. This proud tradition of placing community information over corporate infrastructure is one of our guiding principles and one that we feel promotes ethical tourism which allows travelers to connect with the local culture in a unique way.

Community-Based Tourism

Everyday our work continues to find new ways to balance local livelihoods with ethical tourism and the results are awesome. Ethical tourism simply means tourism which benefits people and the environment in different destinations. By incorporating the responsibility we have to the people of Thailand and the ecological purity of Khao Sok Lake, Andaman Discoveries is able to share this unique wonder of the world. We chose to open Andaman Discoveries, Takun at Lake Cheow Lan because it has yet to be discovered by the hand of “mass tourism.” We feel that this lush and abundant locally-operated hideaway is just the kind of region that can benefit from our experience in community-based tourism. It is our mission to keep the power of growth and sustainable development in the hands of the locals and out of the temptation of corporate expansion.

Delux bungalows at Prai Wan

Floating Bungalows at Khao Sok Lake

With the growing popularity of this stunning location, direct booking one of the floating bungalows on Khao Sok Lake is by far the most popular choice. At Andaman Discoveries, we combine the ease of booking bungalows directly with our commitment to do good and promote ethical travel in the developing world. Not only do we aim to help preserve the Khao Sok National Park by providing an alternative to over-development, but we also donate a portion of our profits to create seed money for upcoming community service projects.

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Andaman Discoveries Ongoing Community Service Projects

Burmese Education, Austism Workshops, Endangered Species Replanting, Resource Conservation, and Regional Guide Training are just some of the ongoing projects you can help to fund by travelling with Andaman Discoveries.